trying to leave tumblr


Make all of my last 5+ posts tonight over 700k+ posts when I wake up? Good night ily


'Omg totally' “DUH OF CPURse” Wowowo u guys are two sweet:-)

Be mindful, gravity is extra heavy tonight


camaraderie is the word of the evening, ladies and gentlemen


Coppertone - the process of committing SHINANAGINS

I have about as much faith in a wish coming true as I do in Americas shit government


Short hair is a foreign language to me

Feed me Subs and Capri sun and play me the harp and hold my hand
There’s a lot of 100k+ note quote posts on here that are all pretty deep. But are they as real as my 1 note quotes that I come up with, like who’s really winning?
Sometimes words feel thick like molasses Rollin outta you’re mouth
Cuz I’m listening to thissong


[Hook: Devon Baldwin] I don’t know why I get so high Wake up tomorrow and my whole day has gone by Doing what the fuck I feel like Will someone tell me is this real life? Last night was a movie I swear last night was a movie


It’s like my own personal concert and tornado

DUI? Dealing drugs? Better call Saul!
Mussolini Mussolini give me that Poodleini 🐩
An advanced sense of humor = understanding politics
<---DONT REMOVE---->